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Disclaimer: Seeyourjobs.com is the top ranked jobs website of Pakistan. We provide our visitors especially relevant information about job published in various respected newspapers.

All the information about jobs on this site is the possessiveness of other companies and Newspapers. All jobs and vacancies relate to third parties and not to us. Hence, we inform you about new jobs in market. We do not give you information about Companies. We also do not disclose owners and interview date etc until it’s not get published on any newspaper form. For any further details, please visit the official website of that company given in ads.

“We are not responsible of republishing any type of data from this website on other websites without taking our team’s permission”.

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So, here we disclose that all ads on out site are the property of the Pakistani newspapers. Hence, our aim is to provide you the info from those newspapers. therefore, we do not possess any ad as our property.

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