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Privacy Policy

Seeyourjobs.com notify you about new Government Jobs and Priate Jobs given in various newspapers. We set this privacy policy for your better experience on our site.

Seeyourjobs.com is a jobs related website and contains information about all types of jobs for unemployed job seekers who strive to attain an honorable job in respect of both financial and mental satisfaction. We provide a valid and proficient platform to the youth of our country who are seeking a lifetime career.

Why this policy?

Our visitors mean a lot to us. Therefore, we take our privacy policy very seriously to safeguard the surfing experience of our visitors. We highly respect your interest and necessity. Therefore, any type of information will be highly confidential.

Types of information we gather:

We collect some data about your visit to the Seeyourjobs.com including those areas from which you come to this site. IP address, domain name, browser type and the time you access are also collected. This data is used to observe technical issues and to improve the quality of our site. Therefore, we highly respect and appreciate your every type of personal data. This information is clearly not bound with any type of your identifiable material.

All of your given data is valuable for us. Therefore we do not share any of your identifiable info out of our site. According to the services of site we use your email with your concurrence. We do not share your email to any third party to please their promotional services. So, for more about this topics check the data policy.

Usage of collected Data:

We bring in use your email to notify you about our different updates on this site. Thus, we update you about new jobs in market. Hence, we also notify you about changes on our site and technical issues. We do not share your email with any third party for their promotional services.


Cookie is basically a small computerized document file that automatically added to your computer system when you visit any website. We bring in use cookies. It is a record or identity code of the web pages you visit.

You can turn off the use of cookies at anytime by changing your specific browser settings. For Further info read this also. Google Cookies Info

Relation of Cookies and Google AdSense:

Google AdSense is a third party service that provides advertisement to the website for its visitors. We are also having a relation with Google AdSense. We use this service on our site to make our visitors aware of new trends of market including all walks of life through advertisement. Google use the cookies to make these Ads more proper and applicable.

We are committed to your Data Security:

To restrain the access of any unauthorized party to your Data, manage efficiency of data and to make sure the appropriate usage of your data, we have enforced a security system to our site handled by our technical support team to make your online given data safe and secure in every way.

Changes in Privacy Policy:

If we ever tried to modify our policy in any term, we surely will inform you about all new changes of the site. We will mail you about different new changes, post on our homepage and in notification system to make you feel aware of modification about policy. For more about it, visit here. Google policy

Feel free to contact:

Now if you are having a question mark in your mind regarding this policy, you can contact to our professional team right now. Feel free to Contact Us.

We highly appreciate your feedback.

Enjoy your stay at Seeyourjobs.com

“We are not responsible of republishing any type of data from this website on other websites without taking our team’s permission”.