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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

By entering Seesyourjobs.com, you are making the agreement of acceptance of all the Terms & Conditions of this site. These Terms & Conditions are the agreement between you and us. We set these Terms & Conditions to make your visit trouble free and useful. These terms are same for every gender, state, origin and third party. These terms are also for men and women of every age.

We are hereby providing you the advertisements about jobs of private as well as government sector, admissions, tenders and any other government announcement. All these information are available on our site www.seeyourjobs.com

Terms and conditions to use this site:

  • You are eligible to use this site only when you accept all the terms. And also make agreement with us of using the site according to the world law.
  • We are serving our visitors with the information on about jobs of private as well as government sector, admissions, tenders and any other government announcement. Availability of these services could be sometime limited, suspended, unavailable for short time, internet failure, technical fault, hardware or software disabling. We make no promise or warranty of affirmation of the availability of these services every time.
  • But we make you sure that if ever such problem will occur, it would be timely and would resolve as soon as possible. We are working hard on this site just to not to put our visitor in trouble.
  • If you register on our site, you will ask to provide us your email address to make account. Your all information is confidential and secured.
  • Any type of illegal content is prohibited on this site. If any user of this site uses this site for any illegal purpose that is against of the terms and conditions of this site, his/her permission to use the site will be suspended.
  • You (including third parties) are not at liberty to use the information given on the site illegally. All the data of site is genuine and authentic. Therefore, action against its liability will be condemn strictly.
  • User of this site is not allowed to do any lawless activity that is against of the interest of the other users. All types of illicit activities such as: abuse, threat, harassment and violation of legal rights of the site including privacy policy, will criticize.


More about Terms and Conditions:

  • This site is for users of every type, every age and every gender. Therefore we, on our site rigorously condemn and discourage all data based on immoral activities like vulgarity, pornography, obscene material and nudity. Therefore, do not use such material that will harm the feelings of others.
  • All the advertisements and news columns relate to the various newspapers. Under every such content, name of the newspaper or website is clearly mention to make sure that we do not claim the content on site our possessiveness. We take the material from different newspapers sites and put them on this site for the convenience of our users. There is a watermark on some images that doesn’t mean it’s our property or we have copyrights of it. The watermark is just to prevent other parties to steal the content for their use.
  • Content of every type such as: software, graphics, audio video clips, text and icons are clearly our possessiveness. We have the copyright of these content. All the content is protected as our property under copyrights laws.
  • We have the right to change, terminate or tweak the site or any part of it for some or no reason without giving you the notice. All the content on site is subject to change.
  • While using our site or registering to it, you are to to share some of your personal information in order to make sure that you are human and not a robot. By giving this information make sure that your information is correct, complete and accurate.We are having automatic sources that are checking the validity of user’s information.
  • Suggestions, ideas and concepts given to you on this site are your feedback that is really essential for us. Your feedback will be in comments section and will be non-confidential. If we use your suggestion to make this site better, you will not claim your ownership or partnership to this site.


Furthermore about Terms and Conditions:

  • You cannot use the data of website for sharing it to any third party. But You can use it to share it on social media without modifying and you can also aware your friends about this site.
  • You also agree that you will not disclose any sort of secret information of this site to any third party. Thus, you have liberty to share general information with your friends. But the data that is marked “Confidential” or “Restricted” is non shareable. Confidential marked information is private information that should not for sharing with any third party.
  • We do give you information about different jobs. We do not give you warranty of hiring on that particular job. It is totally depends on your credibility and degrees. Therefore, do not ask us to refer you or intercede on your behalf for the job.
  • seeyourjobs.com is a reliable website and is loyal to its users. Our data providers, workers and complete staff are highly loyal to their particular work. Technical issues, direct and indirect, incidental and accidental damages are the part of electronic creatures. However any of the above mentioned issues may not apply to you.
  • Hereby you are making the agreement to accept all terms and condition to use this site. You agree that you keep this site, its users, its owner and the working staff harmless. You will keep us simple and gentle about your any query. Your any deed on site such as: content, feedback, your any action against law and information you give or receive.


Last Words about Terms and Conditions:
  • We hope that after accepting the terms and conditions, we will be in a perfect relation. Our all visitors are like our friends and we treat them as our friend.

   “We are not responsible of republishing any type of data from this website on other websites without taking our team’s permission.”

Final Words about Terms and Conditions

  • Enjoy using seeyourjobs.com and if you face any difficulty in using the site, please contact us.